Download the Dallas Zoo Phone App for Updates on Events

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Our location means convenient access to a number of local attractions, including the Dallas Zoo. Home to more than 2,000 animals representing more than 400 species, the Dallas Zoo can be both entertaining and educational, making it perfect for families interested in spending some time together. If you are interested in keeping up-to-date about Dallas Zoo … [Read more...]

Enjoy Pet-Friendly Living at The Champions of North Dallas


If you are looking for pet-friendly apartments in North Dallas at Champions, we are just the community for you. We know how it is to love a pet, so we welcome them to our community with open arms. All we ask is that you take the time to get familiar with our pet policy. We want apartment living to be comfortable for both you and your pet, so we only allow a … [Read more...]

Support the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market Every Saturday in Dallas

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Looking for something interesting, new, and fun to do? We recommend checking out the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market in Dallas. The market is one of the gems of our community. Their aim is to bring together the creative and artistic Dallas community of Deep Ellum and connect the larger Dallas region with our local creative workers. Your local artists are … [Read more...]

Korean Fusion Food from Say Kimchi in Dallas

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If there is one thing about warmer climates, it's that you can find food trucks anywhere. As food has evolved and transitioned across the world, you can now have new tastes just about anywhere. When you want to try something new, don't cook in your apartments, head out and find a food truck. You can get some fantastic Korean fusion food from the Dallas … [Read more...]

3 Crafty Ways to Display Favorite Photos in Your Living Room


Moving into a new home can be a bit daunting for some. The unfamiliarity of new surroundings, the way nothing seems where it used to of the ways to help push that away faster is hanging your treasured photos. Before you start hanging them in your new home, check out a few of these great photo display decorating tips. As apartments in north Dallas … [Read more...]

Cabinets a Mess? 3 Tips for Organizing Your Cleaning Supplies


Keeping a clean and organized apartment starts with your cleaning supplies. Having an organized cabinet for your cleaning supplies will make finding that proper spray or rag much easier and will lead to a more effortless cleaning experience. Actually keeping an organized area for your cleaning supplies can be easier said than done, however, so here are … [Read more...]

Bedroom Update: Solid Coverlets Add Color Without Flash

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Photo: REGINA KURTZ via Houzz When you rent one of our north Dallas apartments, it's important to put your own personal spin on the decor to suit your lifestyle and needs. Of all the rooms in the home, the bedroom is the most important place to show off your personal style. When decorating the bedroom, add color without overdoing it by investing in a … [Read more...]

Print a Moving-Day Checklist to Make Relocating a Breeze

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We are glad you have decided to rent one of our apartments in north Dallas. Of course we want your trip to go as smoothly as possible, so this is why we suggest printing out a moving-day checklist before the big day. If you really want to make sure you take care of all the necessary tasks before moving, create your checklist as a timeline. Two Months: … [Read more...]

3 Tips for Securing the Perfect Roommate in Dallas


Moving is an exciting time, filled with the promise of a new start in a city you're looking forward to settling in to. Many people choose to live with others, as roommates, to save money and live frugally. In fact, many people believe that living with a roommate is a vital experience to have when transitioning into adulthood. You are exposed to a different … [Read more...]

Summer Indoors: Adding Live Plants to Your Living-Room Decor


If your apartment looks a little drab, why not spruce it up by adding some greenery in the form of houseplants? Not only do plants look nice but they also help clean the air and give off oxygen. Here are a few tips for adding live plants to your home décor. Use these suggestions to spruce up your luxury Dallas apartments. Plants that can be grown … [Read more...]